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(Cross-posting from previous discussion forum, for posterity:)

3 months ago

It’s great to see you joining the registry now. One question: Why is the podcast applying as a newsroom and not your production company?

3 months ago

So glad to see ZigZag is joining the registry!

Benjamin, according to the Civil Constitution (https://civil.co/constitution/#constitution), " A Newsroom is the basic functional unit for journalism on the Civil network. A Newsroom can be composed of a single journalist or a group of journalists. Newsrooms are also Token Holders." So, a production company could have several newsrooms just as an editor or journalists could be part of various projects. A Newsroom can be composed of a single journalist or a group of journalists.

3 months ago

Another way to think about the definition of newsroom is as a publication. So zigzag is a publication (in the form of a podcast). A newsroom/publication can also be a website, or a newsletter etc. Hope that helps

2 months ago

ZigZag podcast was my first introduction both to the block chain (n.) and Civil. Their first season was compelling and inspiring coverage of the host and producer’s transition into a new professional phase space and of the challenges of the first token sale in Fall 2018. It captured my imagination. The scope of their narrative continues to evolve.

I have chosen to advocate for an inclusive and broad paradigm for the concept of what the current Constitution refers to as a Newsroom. This term has some trappings, with which we are grappling. Including qualifying podcasts is a positive step in clarifying this issue, just as including photo journalism, documentary film, or other media arts would be.

If an applicant is a project that produces, directly or indirectly, a substantive journalistic contribution to the discourse of their autonomously identified scope of coverage that will generally be sufficient for my purposes to have met the standard of being a Newsroom.

That being said, I think few applicants have or will check all the Constitutional boxes with excellence and distinction, but I believe ZigZag will strive to do so over time.

ZigZag podcast was an important contributing member of Civil’s first fleet and in my opinion would be an excellent addition to the Civil Registry.