Transparency, reproducible vote tallies etc. - digging in to the blockchain

When facing such GitHub backend bugs, you can see notebooks via nbviewer, e.g. for this one:

That should be the challenge struct data in the AddressRegistry contract.

The struct is defined here:

Seems like the python web3 library returns it as a list of values (or at least that’s how it stringifies it). The index of the list correlates with the order of the fields in the struct.

Since there have only been 7 challenges and the challengeIDs increment starting at 1, that explains the empty values you see since you are incrementing over 10.

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Thanks - finally some interesting info!

How do I find out more based on the challenger field? And I’m not sure how to interpret the rewardPool, stake, totalTokens or tokenClaims either.

I would also suggest looking at the poll data in the plcr voting contract. You can access that by using the voting address from the tcr contract and there is a pollMap that you can use to access the polls. The pollID is the same as the challengeID.



You can also filter the voting contract events and pull the _VoteRevealed events. These contain data about what address voted, their vote choice and num tokens they voted with.