The GroundTruth Project - Civil Registry Discussion

Welcome to the Civil Registry, The GroundTruth Project! Members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions that could range from editorial policy, to privacy policies to business models. You will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to your Civil Registry Profile.

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Christine_Bush – 2 months ago

Welcome! I endorse your application.


1 month ago

The GroundTruth Project is a wonderful organization! So good to have you applying to the registry.

There is a requirement in the Civil Constitution for a newsroom to:

“Respect the privacy of their audience, and as such will be transparent about the collection, storage and use of user data collected”

I could not find a policy covering these topics on your site. If I missed it, can you point me to it? If it is not present, can you commit to creating one and putting it in an easy-to-find place?