Recognizing great newsrooms

I wanted to bring back up for discussion something that has previously been discussed: the best way to recognize the best newsrooms on Civil. Back in April, Derek Little raised the idea on Slack of giving Michelin-like stars to the best newsrooms on Civil. I liked this idea. However, I’m not sure how best to implement it. I’d be interested in hearing others’ thoughts on implementing this or ideas for recognizing great journalism. One thing that I have liked is the inclusion of articles from various newsrooms in the weekly newsletter, but that is a limited and not particularly scalable solution.

Totally agree! As I review newsrooms, I am formulating my own list of what I call Gold Star newsrooms, those producing first rate content which are also in full compliance with the Constitution. Newsrooms such as Block Club Chicago, Tortoise, Sludge, Creative Next, Zig Zag, and Delacorte Review are exemplary, and should be recognized as such.