R.I.P. Civil — Lessons from a failed startup

Matthew couldn’t even inform the community first, I have to learn this from outside sources.

Shameful end of Civil. Expected I guess.

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Indeed. The comment from Kinsey Wilson of Newspack / Wordpress was sad:

“Last I spoke to Matthew they were pivoting to provide technology to authenticate, distribute and monetize news content.” But there has been no further communication.

That is what I and so many in the community were expecting: letting us use the micropayments that are pretty straightforward in Ethereum. But I never saw a real focus on that. Perhaps the transaction fees were too high? $0.50 per transaction is a very big tax, implying the need for lots more complexity. Ethereum Avg. Transaction Fee chart

I don’t see any reason why editors and owners of different independent newspapers can’t continue to work together, and maybe collaborate on different projects? I am open to messages from anybody would might be interested in reaching out, and maybe staying in touch. My email address is editor@midmichiganjournal.com. I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I think we could help each other out.

If it helps, here is the join link for a discord server I maintain as a part of my news operation: https://discord.gg/XpH3eK. If you join, please mention that you’re a former member of Civil.