Mid Michigan Journal - Civil Registry Discussion

Welcome to the Civil Registry, Mid Michigan Journal! Members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions that could range from editorial policy, to privacy policies to business models. You will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to your Civil Registry Profile.

A wonderful example of true community journalism, presenting valuable information for very specific geographical locations in Michigan. As with so many newsrooms here, there are some elements missing that are stipulated by the Civil Constitution, and it would be best if these could be added: there is no statement of editorial policy (including ethical policy) and no privacy policy. I understand that this is a shoestring operation being run, I would guess, mostly on love and volunteerism, so I hate to put any pressure on its owners. But these should be fairly simple to add and many of the newsrooms on the Registry have excellent examples of these that can be imitated. I would also encourage the author of the articles on the site to put in an actual byline rather than the anonymous ng20355. One of the principles at the core of Civil’s vision of responsible journalism is knowing who to hold accountable for the journalism presented.

I can certainly make these three changes.

And, thank you for your feedback.


Excellent! One again, welcome to Civil.