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Benjamin - 3 months ago

I wanted to raise a concern here. Many of your stories do not provide any authorship attribution, which is important for transparency.

Thanks, Benjamin, for the question. Some of the stories are produced by a team and hence we choose to leave them as such. (some major publications do that as well, The Economist, etc.). But we are discussing this issue in the newsroom to see how we should got about it.

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That makes sense. For me, it would be acceptable to simply list the contributors at the bottom or state something along the lines of “This article was produced by a collaboration of multiple members of the Media Power Monitor team, for more information about our team, see our about us page.”

Good idea, we will do that. Thanks for the idea and sorry for such a late reply, our Civil page had many glitches for a while.

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Hi, just curious, but what kind of glitches were you seeing?

Nothing major, but Benjamin’s message: I got a notification a while ago, but then I couldn’t see it anywhere. I wanted to respond, but when I opened the Discussions board/page, it never uploaded (“Loading” appear on and on.
Now, for example, on MediaPowerMonitor the Charter page is not loading and under Boosts a message saying “error” appears. I tried from different computers, and it’s the same.

Thanks for letting us know. The charter appears to load for me, but I do get the boosts error but that might be expected right now. @dan @nick just flagging this for investigation.

Thanks a lot. Things get fixed in time.

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