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Hi Ineia. You have successfully submitted your application to join the Civil Registry. Over the next 10 days, members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions regarding your editorial policy, privacy policy, and business model. Newsrooms will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to their Civil Registry Profile. Please make sure to check this discussion forum regularly to respond to community comments.

(Cross-posting from previous discussion forum, for posterity:)

1 month ago
I think and feel it is important at this time of extensive hidden influence and control of media in general to ensure that true journalism, insofar as it can exist, is clearly separated from ‘sponsored’ reporting, comment and publicity.
As such, I believe the worthwhile aims of civil cannot be achieved without an approach that starts at and is effectively based in zero tolerance of any transgressions of the core principles.
In this context and because of the ‘penalty’ aspect mentioned by one of the commenters a ‘listing rejected’ record I shall not be voting; but would hope that the listing request can be withdrawn without penalty and re-submitted when the progress with the news website that is described as intended has been made.

Anyone with a genuine desire to promote true journalism is to be encouraged, in my view; but the encouragement should also aim to assist them in staying true to the aims and avoiding the slippery path of becoming a sponsored clandestine mouthpiece.
2 months ago
Dear @Greylockglass and @Christine_Bush

You are right, I believe I do have some real chops to place in the service of Journalism, and I think the CIVIL community. Thank you for that acknowledgment. I understand that things don’t look as they seem, because there is a lot being worked out.

And yes, Christine, the only reason I was under the impression that I could register at this point, was because there was the encouragement that all levels of newsrooms were allowed to apply and possibly be accepted as a newsroom.

Please allow me to make some clarifications. Ineia aims to be just a media company, marketing only came as a way to live after being “laid-off” from a news organizations that treated me very poorly and were just filling their quota for people of color and women.
I’m here to fight the behaviors that are keeping diversity out of newsrooms and in the journalistic content it delivers. For instance, people in power setting up journalists to fail; using harassment and intimidation to make potentially talented journalists end their careers. I say all of this not to give a sob story, but to give more insight into the importance of the CIVIL constitution to me, and what I’m working to build.

I was intending to build another branch of Ineia, called “Our World and It’s Stories.” It aims to serve under-reported areas in Chicago, and the Chicagoland area, as well as taking a deeper dive into how different things ( i.e. gov’t policies, crimes, etc) effect certain races, ethnicities, and nationalities. While doing this, I would like to work with aspiring journalists from the local colleges and universities on how to handle this industry on a mental level outside of having the skills you need to start and maintain a career. I could not articulate this at the time in my application because it was not fleshed out yet.

Maybe, I jumped the gun in applying, and I shouldn’t have shared the website since one is currently being built to host journalistic content, but I was making an effort to be as transparent as possible about what was already in place and is evolving. I had hoped to be able to make to continue my growth WITHIN the CIVIL community. It will allow me to see where I can improve things, get perspective on other journalistic opportunities or problems, and communicate with like-minded individuals/newsrooms. I’m also willing to come back gather more information and try again, but felt it necessary to speak up for myself.

Thank you so much for the honest feedback.

2 months ago
Thanks for this additional information. I applaud your efforts to be transparent with us and am excited by the plans you have shared.

Of course, it is possible that your transparency will be rewarded by having this Challenge rejected. I won’t speculate on how likely that might be.

I agree that nobody wants to be setup to fail, which again is why I take issue with your application being brought for consideration to us in the first place. I can only find ethical ground here to participate by engaging with you directly and honestly even though I choose not to participate in voting at this time.

If you want to remain engaged with Civil you can always do so as a token holder.

2 months ago
I do have one follow up question for you:

Were you aware in making your application, by reading and agreeing to the Civil Constitution, that a successful challenge entails being listed as a Rejected Newsroom?

Hint: A close examination of the Civil Constitution Section V, Subsections C and E may reveal a path for an Appeal, if you chose to go that route. The Rejected Newsroom listings appear to have no grounding in the document to which you agreed to abide.
2 months ago
Welcome! Thanks for taking the bold step of committing to leverage a token-curated paradigm for journalism.

Unfortunately, as you have already learned, this paradigm is somewhat fraught and your young enterprise has already been challenged. I find this process extraordinarily vexing. I hope you will not be discouraged because, frankly, your application, in my opinion, should never have been placed before the community for review. This is a flaw in the Civil process that I do not think is flattering to the Civil project and I would suspect is frustrating for you.

I hope that you will continue to build your newsroom and re-apply in the future when both your newsroom and the Civil vetting process are ready for prime time. At the very least, I do expect charter statements to be copy edited. I believe that I have one of the broadest interpretations of what constitutes a newsroom, but you self-describe as being in the formative stages so there is not much upon which to make a case in this regard.

For these reasons, I can neither endorse your application nor vote against it because either would be unfair.

In the meantime, you have plenty of options for setting up micro-payments. This is not the only game in town and I encourage to explore them all. Best wishes.

2 months ago
Ms. McCall,

The experience you list suggests that you have some real chops to place in the service of journalism, but the CIVIL community can’t weigh the value of your application for inclusion if you have no newsroom yet. The website to which you link is not a news site — it’s more or less a lead generation tool for a marketing agency/studio.

The CIVIL Constitution has nine principals, and, although exact methods of implementation is not often prescribed, we can’t really determine how well your future newsroom will adhere to them based on the information you provide.

I think you may have time to bring your application into alignment with the minimum standards, but once someone challenges your application, the heat does seem to turn up a bit… Good luck.