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Hi Inclusiv. You have successfully submitted your application to join the Civil Registry. Over the next 10 days, members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions. Questions to newsrooms in the recent past have addressed issues from editorial policy, to privacy policies to business models. Newsrooms will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to their Civil Registry Profile. Please make sure to check this discussion forum regularly to respond to community comments.

(Cross-posting from previous discussion forum, for posterity:)

1 week ago

Good stuff. Appears to be dedicated to transparent, original, solid journalism. Complete privacy and editorial statements. Ability to contact the editors. However, the journalism itself seems to be behind a paywall, so there is no opportunity to review it. This has been a problem elsewhere. My general impression is of honesty and good intention, but I wonder if a requirement of application to the Registry should be a temporary account available to Civil members, so that review of articles would be possible. I really shouldn’t have to plunk down the equivalent of 2 euros in order to do my job as a community member.