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I’ve loved the content put out by Hmm Daily since I first heard about them through Civil, but noticed I hadn’t seen any updates in a while. Further research finds the site is not actively updated, the name has changed to Hmm Weekly, and they’ve moved to a new platform called SubStack. The new domain name is The new site includes a “Privacy” link at the bottom, which goes to the SubStack TOS page. I’m not sure what kind of information gets shared with Hmm Weekly if I sign up through SubStack.

From a discovery perspective, I only figured this out by clicking the twitter link for Hmm Daily in the registry, which took me to their account with the display name updated to “Hmm Weekly” and with the weekly submissions being advertised there. This seems at odds considering it’s the registry entry for Hmm Daily, and there were no updates to the Hmm Daily site letting readers know the platform was changing or how to keep reading their articles.

Examining things on the new platform, I noticed the new posts do not have a by-line, but the latest 3 (of 9) entries include this paragraph at the bottom:

HMM WEEKLY IS written by Tom Scocca, editor, and Joe MacLeod, creative director. If you enjoy Hmm Weekly, let a friend know about it, and if you’re reading this because someone forwarded it to you, go ahead and sign up for a copy of your own right now. Thanks for reading.

What does this mean for Hmm Daily and the entry in the Civil Registry? If the newsroom is truly done, are there some steps besides a challenge to remove it from the registry? Or is there a process for if Hmm Daily wishes to stay on the registry, but change the information to the renamed and new format of HMM WEEKLY? And would that require a re-vetting of the content?

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