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diez.md represents a problem we have seen several times already on Civil: This is a news aggregation site which borrows liberally from other sources without attribution. In looking at just four articles, I found three different sources (yam.md, politia.md, and sputnik.md) from which stories were lifted pretty much in their entirety. Though a photo with one was attributed, the article accompanying it was not.

There is precedent for rejecting newsrooms which fall into the category of unattributed news aggregation (see the discussion and resounding rejection of Newspeppermint in the Rejected Newsrooms portion of the registry). Though at the time of Newspeppermint’s rejection we noted that basic good intentions of the newsroom, it is a very dangerous idea that we might look the other way when the “borrowing” of stories is going on. Though we tend to label as plagiarism only that which is tainted with malicious intent, it is essential for us to draw a bright line wherever we find this happening.