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Welcome to the Civil Registry, CultureBanx! Members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions that could range from editorial policy, to privacy policies to business models. You will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to your Civil Registry Profile.

Cross-posting from previous discussion board for posterity:

Christine Bush - 1 month ago

Welcome. Thank you for applying to join the Civil Community. I think your platform and beat is interesting. I have several questions about your work with regard to attribution, and to the role of third party content such as Spotify and Trebble. If you would like to address these here, please reply and I will be more specific. Thank you.

ElliottArpin - 1 month ago

Dear Christine_Bush. Please don’t ask people to reply to empty messages and instead express whatever you need to express, specifically. Thank you.

Reidob – 1 month ago

I think this was unnecessarily dismissive. My understanding is that Ms. Bush was trying to ascertain that someone from your newsroom was actually paying attention before asking more probing questions. My hope is that you have not deterred her inquiries and she will return to ask you more specific questions. Please be aware that the Code of Conduct for
Civil discussions stipulates that you will be polite, kind, and reasonable here.

ElliottArpin – 1 month ago

Who said it was my newsroom? It isn’t. Probing questions should be asked instead of delaying the conversation with empty messages indeed. This is a respectful request for more efficiency, I do read each comment and I particularly appreciate those that bring something to the topic at hand.

greylockglass – 1 month ago

Ms. Hale —

You mention, under Revenue Sources, that CultureBanx “bring[s] financial news content to underserved communities through sponsored content, that’s always clearly disclosed.”

In the eight or so articles I randomly read, I didn’t see any disclosures of which articles were sponsored. Would you please provide examples of where you indicate this?

I think the “CultureBanx Team” is used as a by-line often enough that the authorship of the works is hard to determine.

Copying and pasting your Terms of Use under “Potential Conflicts of Interest” was not only unnecessary, but suggests that you might have taken more time and care in preparing what was not an arduously long application.

Reidob – 1 month ago

The intersection between authorship on one platform when that content is transferred to your newsroom is somewhat troubling. In the instances below, the content was first published on Forbes. Since a member of this newsroom is the author of the articles in question, this is clearly not plagiarism, but when content you have created is published on multiple platforms, it would be wise to acknowledge that the content is being reproduced from another publication.

In your article on Impossible foods, the first paragraph is lifted directly from Forbes without attribution.

In your article on Rihanna, you have precisely the same problem. The opening paragraph is lifted directly from Forbes without attribution. The following paragraph is also take from a Forbes article, with only minor changes.

Ditto your article on Hip Hop and Esports. First paragraph lifted directly from Forbes and the second with only minor changes.

Since many places I looked have this issue, I assume that I would find it elsewhere. Would you consider an acknowledgment as suggested above?

Reidob – 1 month ago

Though I don’t share all of @greylockglass’s concerns, I am also curious about the sponsored content. Are there examples of this in your newsroom? Are Game Changers articles sponsored? This is not clear.

Thanks for your work. This seems like a valuable, essential undertaking.