Cubical Magazine - Civil Registry Discussion

Hi Cubical Magazine. You have successfully submitted your application to join the Civil Registry. Over the next 10 days, members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions regarding your editorial policy, privacy policy, and business model. Newsrooms will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to their Civil Registry Profile. Please make sure to check this discussion forum regularly to respond to community comments.

This appears to be a fine Spanish-language arts magazine published out of Spain. I am a bit surprised that a charter as slender as this one passed muster with Civil token holders. The newsroom contains original material untainted by any concerns for plagiarism. It appears to be a one-man shop and the ability to do all this work is admirable. There is something at the bottom of the website which appears to be intended to be an About Us link (sobre nosotros), but this is not a hyperlink. Therefore, there appears to be no editorial policy published. Although there is no privacy policy, either, it seems the only possible exposure of personal data would be through email to the editor, as there is no membership or email signup link.

In general, a nice little site with some minor deviations from the Civil Constitution. In this, it is much like many others.

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