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It has been four months since the last blog post, when Vivien has moved on (for the most part) from Civil. Before that, there was about a post per month.

What is going on?

A vast number of blockchain projects are moving forward full steam; meanwhile Civil barely shows any sign of activity, any sign of community.

A sad, disappointing picture.


Yes, the community-facing part of Civil communication has been missing for some time, since before Vivian left. It is, as far as I can tell, mostly dormant as a community. I suspect a great deal is going on behind the scenes, but as the community is designed to be a big part of how this thing works, it has been disappointing to see how little has been shared with us. I am confident it can be revived, but it will take a new commitment to do so.


Thanks for sharing. It was also helpful @ArtsEditor to have our article links retweeted / liked from @Civil + @CivilStories and the newsletter from CIVIL was helpful too. Stay tuned! -Edward

It appears the blog has been migrated from Medium ( to different address and platform (, not sure when this happened or why or anything. One thing I’m sure about though, is that all articles have migrated to a the new platform, but one: Vivian’s message of departure [1].

Probably a technical glitch and clearly not something intentional at all.

Civil means trust*

*(wink wink)


I enjoyed your optimism @Reidob, now you know why I didn’t share it.