Civil's Code of Conduct

Purpose of Community Discussions on Civil

Civil is a place for open debate, thoughtful discussion and respectful disagreement.

Participants here include both Civil members and others without Civil tokens who are interested in the work of Civil newsrooms and journalists.

Discussions should focus on the work of Civil newsrooms as well as community votes or governance matters taken up by Civil members. For more details, please refer to the Civil Constitution.

We are a growing network of newsrooms and members committed to a free press, civil discourse and public accountability, and as such, we expect participants in this space to be respectful and kind. To ensure this, staff from The Civil Media Company and Civil Foundation will moderate discussions as follows (read more about our moderation guidelines here).

What’s acceptable:

This space is intended for discussion and debate. We expect participants to discuss the work of newsrooms and related issues with consideration and respect, both for others in the community and also for the journalists whose work they are reviewing. We ask that participants stay on topic and keep an open mind about the perspectives of others. Our goal is that all participants feel free and safe to discuss topics they believe are important.

Civil Media Company recognizes that the news outlets on the Civil Registry are highly diverse. So, too, are members of the public who may vary in terms of nationality, ethnicity, language of origin, political affiliation, age, gender, level of education, gender identity, and sexual orientation. We ask that participants be tolerant and respectful of these differences.


  • Be welcoming, considerate, and respectful

  • Be tolerant of others whose opinions differ from yours

  • Keep comments on topic and relevant to the specific issue at hand

  • Respectful critiques are welcome in the spirit of pointing out where newsrooms and journalists may have fallen short of ethical standards, and are open to learn from their mistakes – or may explain that they were not, in fact, mistakes."

  • Commentary should relate directly to provisions in the Civil Constitution and include links and other direct references.

What’s unacceptable:

Comments that include the following are not welcome in this space and will be deleted:

  • Name-calling, insults, intimidation, harassment, abuse or any other form of attack directed at other members of the community, journalists or Civil Media or Civil Foundation staff

  • Derogatory comments about any group

  • Self-promotion

  • Sexualized language or imagery

  • Posting, sharing or displaying physical addresses or email addresses (whether yours or someone else’s) is expressly prohibited in all discussion boards.

How we handle unwelcome comments

Civil Media and Civil Foundation staff will moderate the comment space regularly but not continuously; if you wish to bring a comment to our attention, or would like to suggest changes or additions to the moderation guidelines, please email us at

How YOU can handle unwelcome comments

As a member of the Civil Community, there are several things you can do if you see a comment that you believe is in violation of the Code of Conduct:

  1. Flag comments
  2. Respond to the commenter to say you believe their comments may be outside the Code of Conduct
  3. Email the Civil moderator team at