Civil Registry UX

As a registry curator I would say that the registry is ok for me to do my work effectively. But from the perspective of a simple user coming to the registry to find reliable news, I am afraid the UX just doesn’t cut it. What are those huge rectangles for each Newsroom for? Where are the categories for type of news, for language, for countries?

One thing I find very practical with the Civil registry is that it is a great place to find sources of reliable news from different countries, that I would have likely never found any other way. As a Curator, I know my way around and after spending some time I find what I need, but an outsider would probably never try as hard.

The registry can be very very useful for many people, but probably not as it is currently.

Hope this can be improved, thanks!


Hi @JoaquinQuiros, we appreciate your feedback. We agree that the Registry isn’t optimized for finding news. It’s a place to find trustworthy newsrooms approved by the Civil community. But we hear you, and are in the process of turning the Registry into a place for those not only looking for news stories to read, but to also support newsrooms whose work they enjoy. We look forward to sharing this new feature with the community very soon. Thanks again for your time and support.