Civil Constitution compliance checklist

Newsroom name:

Reviewed by:

If non-compliant in ANY of these areas, Challenge:

Does the newsroom:

1. Provide publicly valuable information?
2. Have editorial independence?
3. Keep as free as possible from political influence?
4. Keep a clear line between editorial and commercial interests?
5. Create fact-based content?
6. Behave responsibly toward the public?

Does the newsroom’s content:

7. Avoid plagiarism?
8. Have honesty?
9. Have integrity?
  1. Have accuracy?

If non-compliant in any of these areas, Engage:

Does the newsroom:

1. Have a public editorial statement?
2. Maintain a permanent record of their work?
3. Have a publicly available user data policy that they comply with?

Does the newsroom’s content:

4. Exhibit respect and consideration?
5. Enable public engagement and prove responsive to critiques?
6. Live in a place that is easily accessible to consumers?
7. Demonstrate inclusivity?
8. Allow for diverse points of view?
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These are all taken directly from the Constitution.