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Hi ADNSUR. You have successfully submitted your application to join the Civil Registry. Over the next 10 days, members of the Civil community may reach out to you with questions. Questions to newsrooms in the recent past have addressed issues from editorial policy, to privacy policies to business models. Newsrooms will get an email alert every time there is a comment relating to their Civil Registry Profile. Please make sure to check this discussion forum regularly to respond to community comments.

(Cross-posting from previous discussion forum, for posterity:)

2 weeks ago

This appears to be a fine newsroom with original material. There are a few stories here that have precisely the same quotes as in other news sources (see the story on four barrios with water shortage for an example), but these appear to be more in the way of public service announcements that most likely quote verbatim from governmental press releases; a venial sin at worst. The true journalistic stories appear to be entirely original.

As with many websites that have appeared on Civil recently, there does not seem to be any publicly available editorial philosophy, privacy statement, or roster of newsroom staff. Indeed, because of the lack of bylines and the lack of a link to editorial or reportorial staff, there is no way to know who has written or edited these stories or who should be held responsible for their content. Of course, we know this from the Registry application, but this information should be available to the general reader, too.

Overall, an excellent news site, though, and it appears to be filling a vital niche in the region.

2 weeks ago

To be more concise, and with reference to the Civil Constitution:
Section IV. 2. Transparency: no ethics statement, no editorial policy statement
Section IV. 4. Accountability: no bylines, no editorial or reporter roster, no contact email or other information
Section IV. 9. User date: No privacy statement